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In the event that you fly within the rate bumps or topes along route 307, you will destroy your tires and wreck havoc utilizing the suspension your vehicle. These are NOT American rate bumps. Even crawling over them is jarring. Drive gradually and treat all of them with respect.


Stay well within the rate restriction, specially through Playa del Carmen. The policia are friendly and formal and will write that you ticket and you also will be asked to let them have your driver's license that will be returned for your requirements whenever you look during the authorities station in Cancun to pay for your fine.

Then ask if you can pay the fine on the spot if you should happen to get stopped, it is acceptable to profusely apologize, saying that you did not understand the laws and. Provide the officer $20 American. He may very well not go on it in the beginning, but you may get out of a trip to the police station if you are persistent, polite, and sincere. Yes, the funds will likely go into his pocket, nevertheless the police in Quintanna Roo make very money that is little your nice propina (tip) will help feed his household. Think of it being a contribution up to a cause that is good.


The gas stations along route 307 are all complete serve and when you pull in, an attendant will promptly start filling your tank. Remember to request a amount that is specific of. Into your tank if you ask him to, "fill it up," no doubt you will end up paying for a few extra gallons that never make it. Yes, you will confront people in Mexico working hard to separate you from your hard cash that is earned. But consider, the typical wage is about $5 on a daily basis.
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Temple of this Frescoes or Templo de las Pinturas (Temple of Paintings) - this two level building is the greatest preserved in Tulum. The murals that are colored one of its internal walls provides name. The level that is upper is decorated with red hand prints. The lower level is comprised of two temples built one within the other. The temple that is inner embellished with murals. The outer temple boasts sculptures and carved masks of Chac, that is presumed to be the creator god or god of rainfall.

The external temple has many sculptures, including among the descending god. The reason for the murals being painted in three levels ended up being the representation associated with dark underworld associated with dead, the middle order for the living, plus the home associated with the creator and rainfall gods.

El Palacio (The Palace) - had been a residence for Tulum's many important inhabitants. It is possible to nevertheless see benches round the walls that have been used as seats and probably also as beds. At the back of the building is an area where in actuality the family members held spiritual ceremonies.

Templo de la Estela (Temple regarding the Initial show) - archaeologists had been puzzled if they found fragments of a stele - a rock monument - inscribed using the Mayan date of 564 A.D inside this temple, since many structures in Tulum dated between the 11th and 14th century. Research points towards the stele being taken to Tulum from Tankah, a settlement about 3 kilometers (4 km) to your north. The stele happens to be found in the Museum that is british in.

Passing the temples going towards the ocean, you encounter another building that is relatively small Los Angeles Casa del Cenote translating once the Well House. Built on a cenote - a well that is natural sinkhole - religious ceremonies were held here.

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